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Recipes older than 25 years to share and make.
Do you love recipes and cook books from the 70s, 60s, 50s, and beyond? Enjoy trying new recipes and sharing the results? Or are you simply shocked and excited by what used to go into food? Welcome to our kitchen!

Please, if you can, scan photos of the recipes or the recipe itself. If not, transcribing the recipe is fine. Please tell us how old the recipe is and what cookbook it is from (if it is from a cookbook) or the origin of the recipe.

When you post, please use the Tags to list the name of the recipe, the cookbook, main ingredient, etc. This will make it useful for people wanting to search for certain recipes.

We request that every posting include a recipe. If you post a link to a cookbook or a website, please only post links if the book or site shows recipes for the food presented.

If a post is a results & review of one of the posted recipes, please link to the original recipe posting.

A question regarding the making of posted recipes should go in the comments of the posted recipe.

Many of our favorite vintage recipes come from branded cookbooks, especially cookbooks from mail-in offers on the labels of products. Keeping in mind that today's mail-away cookbook offers are tomorrow's vintage recipes, posts to alert others of branded cookbooks are allowed. Please include either a direct link to the cookbook offer, or a scan of the offer. Please tag these postings as "OFFERS".

Please mark all posts as "Members Only."

Any questions about tags, or what to post, or what is allowed should be directed to the mods.